Try Stamped Concrete in Abbotsford and Discover the Endless Possibilities

Planning an update for your exterior property? Hoping to extend your outdoor living space with a new patio or pool deck? Brick, flagstones, and natural stone add beautiful detail and value to your outdoor space, but all three options can be rather pricy for your budget. Consider stamped concrete for your Abbotsford area home as an alternative. Stamped concrete is concrete that has been stamped with certain patterns or textures to mimic everything from tile, natural stone pavers, wood, brick, slate and flagstone.

From patios and pool decks to driveways and sidewalks, stamped concrete offers endless possibilities. At Coastal Concrete, we have years of experience crafting unique concrete features for just about any outdoor design. Be sure to check out our stamped concrete gallery to get a better idea of what we can do.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete for Your Langley Home

There are many reasons to add stamped concrete to your Langley area home’s exterior:

  • More affordable – Brick and natural stone are expensive. Stamped concrete can be designed to have the same texture, colour, and look of these types of building materials without the high price.
  • Minimal long-term maintenance – Concrete requires little maintenance thanks to its durable makeup. Unlike pavers or brick, concrete won’t come loose and create tripping hazards. You won’t ever have to consider resetting or replacing your concrete walkways and drives.
  • Less labour intensive – Concrete can be easily poured into place, saving time during the initial installation. There’s no need to haul individual paving stones or bricks.
  • Boosts resale value – Since stamped concrete can mimic the look of other building and paving materials, it can create a unique aesthetic for your property, raising its resale value.

Use Stamped Concrete for Patios, Driveways, and More

Coastal Concrete has used stamped concrete in a number of projects. We have installed stamped concrete with a hexagonal pattern for patios and walkways, creating the look of natural stone pavers. We have added concrete to walkways and garden pathways, stamping out patterns for bricks and cobblestones. Whether you’re interested in stamped concrete patios for your Abbotsford poolside property or looking to make it easier to get around your garden with small concrete walkways, Coastal Concrete can help.

Contact us to learn more about the many ways stamped concrete can work for your property. Talk to our concrete experts to request a quote.