broom finish driveway

Guildford broom finish driveway

We got a pretty large project finished this week, in the Guildford area of Surrey. It was a classic case of inconsistant concrete depth and poor ground preparation cracking the… nice to be busy this time of year.

Its nice to be busy this time of year.

Hello again, we’ve had a busy few weeks, but here’s a few things we’ve gotten done. First was a little sidewalk in Surrey, the customer was having issues with the… Vancouver foundations

North Vancouver foundations

Hi everyone, and happy new year, sorry its been a while, we’ve actually been pretty busy for this time of year. This job is one of the more sizable ones… Westminster Stamped Entranceway

New Westminster Stamped Entranceway

This post was supposed to have been posted last week, but due to a technical error on my part it was saved as a draft (argh). Anyways the first job… area stamped patio

Newton area stamped patio

Today we finally finished up a job that has been sitting over a week, waiting for a nice day, because with stamped concrete, even a brief rain on the surface… a busy fall so far

Been a busy fall so far

So far this fall has been pretty good for us, sure we’ve had a fair bit of rain, but we’ve been managing to get lots of stuff prepped in ugly…

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