Memorial Hospital

Langley Memorial Hospital

We hear customers all the time assume that you cant pour concrete in the rain, well in British Columbia that would eat up half our year.  We have gotten very… Italian Kitchen, Floor Trenches.

Trattoria Italian Kitchen, Floor Trenches.

The concrete business isnt always stamped driveways or exposed aggrigate slabs. Alot of work we get is purely for utility, often never even going to be seen, after flooring is… Small Update.

A Small Update.

Just a quick update, today we poured a set of steps for Trevor Jarvis Contracting, along the skytrain between Joyce and 29th Ave stations, in Vancouver. The wood pieces in… New Year From Coastal Concrete!

Happy New Year From Coastal Concrete!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a fun new year, we’ve kept ourselves busy throughout with a few jobs. The first one was a series of caps for… At Coastal Concrete

Today At Coastal Concrete

Its been a busy week but I wanted to post a couple jobs we did, the first being a city sidewalk we did in Vancouver, on Victoria St. The second…

This Week at Coastal Concrete

This Week at Coastal Concrete

Here’s a couple jobs we did this week, the larger slab was in a warehouse in surrey, they needed the floor level for a big saw they were installing. The…

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